Jordyn's Journey to Triumph Over ALL (Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia)

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Thanksgiving and fevers

Jordyn spiked a fever on Monday and was admitted to the hospital with low counts
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Happy Thanksgiving!!! We are on our way home! Thank you Angel Karen Krause e cute outfit and matching doll outfit!

Friday, November 15, 2013

A Big Thank You Post and a Little About Jordyn's Make A Wish trip

I can't believe I just posted 526 pictures from Jordyn's Make a Wish trip to her facebook page! The crazy part is that this is only a small fraction of the pictures... I just posted my favorites! I put some pictures in this post too, but not many compared to how many I have, so if you want to see more go to Jordyn's Facebook page I have been meaning to post pictures for quite sometime (our trip was on October 4th) but I have been pretty sick myself and spent some time in the emergency room, bed, and finally in an operating room to try and hopefully fix my problems. I am feeling a little better and mostly recovered from surgery now so I am feeling more up to posting than I have been. The pictures give you a hint of the fun and amazing time we had thanks to Make a Wish and Give Kids the World. It will go down as the best vacation we have ever been on and will ever go on! It was so magical and unbelievably good and healing for our family! It really was amazing and we were so touched by all the people who reached out to us and who played any part in our trip. We are so thankful to all the volunteers and others who served us and the love that they have that made such an experience possible! That is one of the incredible things that has come from this horrible cancer experience. We have been able to see how good people are, and how loving, giving, and how thoughtful, and prayerful people can be. Not just through Make a Wish, but through this whole entire cancer journey we have found these people, and have felt so blessed!!! We really couldn't have made it as far as we have without you all! Thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts for all that you do! You are the glue that holds us together on days that we are falling to pieces! We love you and are so grateful to have had you as part of our lives!

I want to name a few specific people who have gone above and beyond for our family... Karen Leabo Singletary (has been an amazing angel to Jordyn and occasionally Jeremy for a year, who has sent letters, cards, and gifts to lift our little ones spirits through this trial), Karen Krause (another one of Jordyn's incredible angels who has sent her love in the mail for the last year to brighten her days and spirits), Judy Thomas of Back to Basics School of Dance (Who threw an amazing fundraiser by sharing her time and talents and heart for Jordyn and also worked with her privately when she was too sick and compromised to dance with a normal dance class, and who has been willing to open her heart to other cancer cuties fighting this hard battle and help them out as well), Katrina Endrizzi (who threw a wonderful fundraising event out of her own home, she let her home be overtaken by donations and then on the fundraiser day by hundreds of people who were there to support Jordyn, who also spent lots of time and heart pulling it together to make it what it was)

I would also like to thank Jeanene Brown (for watching Jeremy on many of Jordyn's chemo days, sometimes for over 6 hours and occasionally watching both kids to help me out for appointments for myself. My children adore her so much! She even did my dishes once, and helped me clean my house when I was completely overwhelmed), Paula Fetzer (for taking the time and effort to watch my children when I need her too, she has been one of a few people who took Jeremy last minute for an unknown amount of time while I took Jordyn to the emergency room or clinic with a fever), Barry and Chris Bennett for your love as well as your generous financial contributions to help us out during this difficult time, our parents for taking Jeremy at the beginning and helping clean our house and being so willing to help and loving to us and our children while we go through all this cancer yuckiness, our siblings for their time help and gifts they gave Jordyn especially at the beginning, those who have donated to fundraisers both financially and with items, services, and time, all those who have brought us food, all of her nurses and Dr. Barnett, her home health nurse Cheryl, Clinic nurse Vanessa, clinic nurse Aubri, and I am sure I am missing someone, so if I miss you I am sooo sorry. The Primary in our church who brought Jordyn a special tree for our front lawn so she could watch the birds eat outside our window when she was too sick to go outside, the girls who brought her candy when she couldn't go trick or treating, the young men and young women for their generosity and hard work, the people who helped cover Jordyn's hospital room at the beginning with butterfly pictures and hanging butterflies, those who have donated crafts to Primary Children's as well as hat to warm her bald head last winter, those who have done CureSearch walks to get a cure for childood cancer, those who have participated in any way with Jordyn's fundraisers, Stacie and Andrea who are Jacob's cousins who brought her some cheer during the really difficult times last year, Kae Larson for also bringing her a bunch of cheer during the most trying and difficult times of treatment, all those who wrote letters to her and sent her packages particularly last year when things were so tough, thank you so much.

There are many, many others who have done big things to help Jordyn and our family out, and we are so grateful to you all as well! Thank you so much!