Jordyn's Journey to Triumph Over ALL (Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia)

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Last chemo for Interim Maintenance 1

I don't know how I got so out of the loop in just a few weeks, but apparently I am distracted or something... Anyway... I guess Jordyn had her last IM1(Interim Maintenance 1) treatment today. This means in about two weeks she will start DI (Delayed Intensification) which is supposed to be pretty miserable... Espescially the second half which will fall right over the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays... Today, they gave her the higher dose of the Methotrexate again, the same dose that made her neutropenic last time. They are hopefull she won't drop too low since her anc was really good today. We gave her the benedryl and phenergan to help with the nausea on top of the zofran they gave her at the hospital, but apparently it wasn't enough... She is feeling pretty sick and miserable at the moment. I didn't take any pictures today because I am not feeling the greatest myself. My doctor told me the other day I need an endoscopy, but the doctor she referred won't be available till Halloween to do it... Anyway... So we both took naps today, and I didn't do much in the way of pics for the blog. I took pictures last time that give an idea of what her day at clinic and the RTU are like but haven't gotten those up yet. Anyway... She is feeling yucky, and sad.... Hopefully she feels a little better soon...

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