Jordyn's Journey to Triumph Over ALL (Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia)

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Fundraiser and Update on Chemo

My friend Katrina from my ward did a fundraiser for us on Dec. 1st, and it was incredible! It was more beautiful than I could have ever imagined! I got some pictures, but they definitely don't do it justice. I was planning on taking a picture of Katrina to put on the blog, but I have been so very spacey lately and I completely forgot to take it. Thanks to the fundraisers we had this year for Jordyn, we will have a head start for next year! I am amazed and so very grateful for how our communities have come together to support us through this difficult time in our lives. We are so blessed and I am happy that we have been able to see so much good this holiday season. This year for our family is definitely one that is focused on Christ and the true meaning of Christmas. I was so touched by all of the people who reached out to my little family in so many ways. I am not sure it is even possible for us to show how grateful we are to everyone who has supported us. People have reached out in ways I never even realized were possible. I have learned that service really is the gift that keeps on giving.

These next pictures are from the day after Thanksgiving, I think... Jordyn loved putting the star on the tree and plugging in the lights.

Here she is with the reindeer decor that my husband really loves because it reminds him of his grandparents. She loves to "ride" it around the house. Kinda silly, but it is something to keep her entertained.

Here she is dressing up again. She absolutely adores her dress ups, and I am thankful she has something to keep a smile on her face.

And of course we can't forget her little brother! He enjoyed playing with the Christmas tree balls. I tried to find a picture of him where he wasn't just in a diaper, but my silly boy seems to enjoy running around like that...

Oh, and I almost forgot to update on her chemo status... Jordyn's anc dropped from 500 to 200 this week, and she needs to be at 750 to start the second half of Delayed intensification... I have no idea when she will have her counts up, but she will get a blood draw on Sunday and we should know where she is at on Monday. I don't have much hope that she will be ready to get chemo next week, but she has surprised me with her counts before. She has now been almost 6 weeks without chemo, which makes me a little nervous, because as a mom of a kid with cancer, I always worry that it will overtake her little body again while she is resting and trying to get her counts back up.

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  1. We would like you to know we are thinking of her and keeping her in our prayers. Send me you address so I can send her a card. If you need anything call me 801-592-7820. Love you all. Love Brian and Malynda Bennett.