Jordyn's Journey to Triumph Over ALL (Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia)

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Jordyn was sent home from the hospital on Friday the 14th. They let her come home because her fevers FINALLY stopped, and her blood cultures came back negative. Her ANC was still at 100, so they are having us give her iv antibiotics every 8 hours because she is still at great risk to catch a bacterial infection than her body can't fight off right now.

These two pictures are of Jordyn when her fever spiked super high, and she got all flushed and was very sad and wanted to go home really badly. They kept going up and took forever to go down even with tylenol. They don't give leukemia kids Ibuprofen because they tend to have low counts and if they bled it could be dangerous if they took Ibuprofen.

Cuddling daddy trying to feel better.

It is so nice to be home. Jordyn seems to be extra tired lately. She has taken a nap every day for the last few days, and she usually doesn't nap. She is whining a lot and just doesn't feel quite like herself. She is enjoying being home though, that is for sure, and she has lots of moments where she is her normal happy self.

She has just loved dressing up lately, so I went and got her an early halloween costume. There is a good chance she won't be able to trick or treat or leave the house even come October, so I figure she can at least get the enjoyment out of her costume. Her eyes lit up so much when I showed it to her, and she wears it all the time.

Right before I took this picture she was in tears and having a mini meltdown because her brother was being a little stinker, but when she saw I had the camera, she pasted this smile on her face.

And this is right after that picture... Little brother has been having a hard time lately, and is acting out a little bit. They still love each other a bunch, but they get on each others nerves a lot more lately...

Hopefully I will find out what Jordyn's counts are today. I have found that leukemia treatments are completely unpredictable, and everything is always changing in a moments notice. I am always nervous when I tell someone I will do something because it seems like our plans always fall apart because of unpredictability. I find myself getting pretty anxious waiting on tests and procedures. It has been almost an entire month since Jordyn was able to get her scheduled treatments because of low counts, and this is supposed to be one of the easier rounds of treatment. If Jordyn can ever make it through Interim Maintenance, she has delayed intensification in front of her, which from what I have read on other peoples blogs and just reading through the drug side effects that she will be on it really does sound pretty intense...

Anyway... I am not even sure yet if her next scheduled treatment will happen or have to be rescheduled yet again since she has had such low counts, so hopefully they come up and she can get the chemo over with. I think the further out we get, the more nervous and anxious I get.

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