Jordyn's Journey to Triumph Over ALL (Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia)

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

No Chemo tomorrow...

Jordyn's ANC today when home health came out and drew her blood to send off was 400 which puts her in the high risk for infection category(you can read a little more about ANC if you wish below this and the pictures. This also means since she is at greater risk for infections that they have to hold off on her chemo she was supposed to get tomorrow until her counts come up again. I am not sure if I should be disappointed or happy. It means the overall length in time she will be getting treatments will be extended, but I am sure that will happen over and over again over the course of treatment, but there is definately a good thing that comes of this. She is finally starting to be more herself and less whiney from her last chemo treatment, so I get to enjoy my sweet lovey girl for a few more days, which will be nice.

Here is a picture of her port while it is accessed. I need to get a better one and maybe one of it while it is getting accessed and one while it isn't accessed, but this will do for now.

This picture is here to illustrate how much hair she has left. She has definately lost a lot, and will likely loose the rest soon, but she still has some at the moment.

This last picture shows how Jordyn has been for the last few days around the house. She is wearing her triceratops costume and carrying her two triceratops toys around, and in the picture, she is watching Land Before Time.

Definition: ANC will often appear on the blood test report of a person receiving chemotherapy. It refers to the percentage of neutrophils (white blood cells that fight infection) and cells that will become neutrophils multiplied by the white blood count (WBC). The significance of the ANC is as follows:

ANC below 2000 is considered to be neutropenia

ANC between 1000-1500 fairly low risk of infection. Chemotherapy will usually be given in this range, but not below it.

ANC between 500-1000 - moderate risk of infection

ANC below 500 - severe neutropenia - high risk of infection

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