Jordyn's Journey to Triumph Over ALL (Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia)

Monday, February 11, 2013

February Chemo

Jordyn had chemo today... More vincristine, and more methotrexate... (I think it was a whole 50mg(?) more...) She had clinic and chemo first, and then she had an lp (lumbar puncture aka spinal tap). I was nervous because it usually takes about 3 hours for the extreme nausea to set in, and in the past we have been home usually when that happens, and we didn't bring her reglan with her. Also, I was nervous because she had to go to same day surgery again instead of the rtu... That is never fun, and always more scary, and always seems to take longer. Plus, the waiting room is full of people who are coughing, sneezing, blowing and picking their noses... (All kinds of not fun, could be scary if she caught them germs...) We actually waited in the hallway outside of the waiting room because I could not let her get exposed to all of those people, even if she had her surgical mask on... I was able to take her further than I usually do when she has it done in same day surgery. She was almost to the or when I had to leave. She wasn't scared though... She found a little trike that she LOVED in the hallway, and they let her ride it all the way from the waiting room to her operating room. She was so sad when she woke up and was ready to go only to find out she couldn't ride it out... (She isn't supposed to do anything that takes balance or coordination after her lp's because she is put under general anesthetic, and I also personally know she gets VERY tipsy and wobbly after them and doesn't realize how close she is to falling over. By the time we got to the car, she was starting to look like she felt pretty yucky... (Thankfully I had clinic call down a refill for her on her reglan, so I was able to give it to her in the car before we left) She looked and felt completely miserable the whole way home. She was so nauseous she couldn't talk and was pretty sure she would be sick. Again, THANKFULLY, her medicine kicked in and about 10 minutes after we got home, she was feeling A LOT better and less yucky. I think this dose of chemo might be the kicker though... She is back to being tired and not feeling very well now. She is taking a nap right now, so hopefully she can sleep some of the yuckiness off...

Getting chemo and reading a book

Reading an under the flap book

Jordyn happily riding the trike around in the room right before the OR's.

The same day surgery waiting room... I was bored....

A ceiling tile in the same day surgery waiting area

And Jordyn is out and awake from her lp. This is in the recovery room. She enjoyed watching Mickey and another show.

She said she felt okay, but she usually doesn't admit she doesn't feel very good until she feels pretty terrible. She was flushed and I don't think she felt well... The look on her face definitely doesn't say happy to me, it says I feel horrible...

They had left the trike at the end of the bed, so that made it extra sad for her since she saw it but couldn't ride it. (I really don't think she felt good enough to ride it anyway though...)

All ready to go home!

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