Jordyn's Journey to Triumph Over ALL (Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia)

Monday, February 11, 2013

January 30 Clinic

Jordyn's last clinic and chemo went surprisingly well. She didn't even throw up once. I was amazed. She gets zofran about 15 minutes before chemo, and usually that isn't enough. Thankfully when we were inpatient for that, we also got a prescription for reglan. That, paired with benadryl and alternated with the zofran every three hours has been something that I am extremely grateful for. She did so well last week, Jacob wasn't even sure she got chemo! (She did...) Hopefully she holds up so well next time, since in the past the methotrexate tends to do quite a number on her for a few days or so.

We just arrived to clinic in this picture. She wears a mask to go into the hospital to keep her safe from germs in the air.

Lately her favorite thing to do in clinic while we wait and get chemo is to have mommy read her books or to look through the pictures on her own.

This is one of her least favorite things about clinic, believe it or not... She is getting her blood pressure taken here. She has a hard time holding still enough while they do this, and so when she wiggles, the machine squeezes her arm tighter, and it hurts.

Here she is waiting nervously for the nurse to come in to access her port... She used to do really well, and she still does, but she is a lot more frightened about it than she used to be since that unfortunate asleep poke when she was inpatient.

I got her this real purple stethoscope off of amazon for $3 or $4 dollars, and she loves it. I cut it to the perfect length for her so it dangles perfectly over her neck. She wanted to bring it with her last time, and it was forgotten and she was so sad, so we made sure to bring it this time. She feels pretty special having her very own in her very favorite color.

I decided to show a picture of her port before it was accessed so you can see what it looks like most of the time if you were curious. My finger is in the picture so you can kind of get a size comparison of how big it is and how much it sticks out from her body.

Jordyn and the child life specialist were trying to find her my little pony's or littlest pet shops for her to play with while we were there.

Here she is waiting for the doctor to come in.

This is the look she gave when he did come in... (She still gets nervous just about every time we come to clinic)


Oh the joys of checking for mouth sores... She also doesn't like this part...

Even though she gets nervous, she really does love her doctor and he is great with her. They are actually playing with pony's in this picture (you can see the pony's in the bottom of the frame kind of...)

Sometimes for kids to be comfortable, you have to be willing to be silly sometimes! The best children's doctors know this, and happily comply.

Ready to go home, but not ready to say goodbye to the pony's...

A cheesy mom, do you really expect me to look at the camera face. She decided to look, but wasn't up for the smile I asked for at that moment. Oh, and she made a pipe cleaner necklace.

Getting chemo...

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