Jordyn's Journey to Triumph Over ALL (Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia)

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

January 22, 2012

Jordyn said something to me last night as she was picking her nose that I found kind of funny. First she said, "Sorry I am picking my nose, I am trying to get a goober out of it" and then she said, "But it's okay, that's how God made us, with goobers in our noses."

Jordyn and Jeremy love the dog bed more than our dog does I think. Jordyn thinks it is hilarious to lay in it. She is also wearing one of her favorite dress ups in this picture... We got this costume for Jer, but Jordyn has kind of claimed it even though it is super tight on her. She is Jake from Jake and the Neverland Pirates on Disney Channel. (We don't have that channel, but she saw it in the hospital when she was inpatient once, and now she occasionally watches it on YouTube...)

Here is Jordyn at her clinic appointment yesterday. You can see the hat tree in the background.

This is Jordyn on her Daddy's lap. Her wonderful oncology doctor is looking at her port site to make sure all is well. Jacob hasn't been able to come to many of her appointments, so it was good for her to be able to have him there. Usually if he isn't working, he watches Jer so I can take her. I am very grateful he does that.

Jordyn was so sad in this picture. She asked Jacob the night before if she could bring her "telescope" (stethoscope-I always make sure to use the correct word when I talk to her, but I do find her word for it cute) to clinic and he told her she could. They both forgot to bring it, and so Jordyn was sad when she saw the stethoscope in the office.

Jordyn was sad, and she pointed to the #10 face and told me that was how she felt at the moment...

Jordyn being silly. Since she was diagnosed, she has started putting things she shouldn't in her mouth again. One of those regression areas we are working on, especially because we don't want her to put something in her mouth and get sick from germs on it.

This is in the infusion room while Jordyn is getting her chemo. She got methotrexate and vincristine. The methotrexate takes a bit to kick in with her, but when it does, she is usually pretty miserable for a few days.

Mommy and Jordyn

The nurse preparing to administer Jordyn's chemo.

Jordyn was feeling okay yesterday after the chemo, but it usually takes some time for the yuckiness to kick in. This is after we got home, and before she started feeling sick and everything... These pictures crack me up.

Jeremy loves his big sister sooo much. He wants to be just like her. (Sorry for the diapered kid... I swear I dress him in clothes, but he takes them off A LOT. I think most of the pics I post of him on here are like this...)

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