Jordyn's Journey to Triumph Over ALL (Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia)

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Thursday January 10th chemo and LP

I am so late in finishing writing about this and actually publishing it, but life gets kind of crazy here in cancer world sometimes... Anyway...

Jordyn's LP was in outpatient surgery last time, and that means I was unable to carry her back like I usually do until she falls asleep when it is done in the RTU. While we were walking in to the hospital, I explained this to her, and she said to me something to this effect, "It's okay Mommy, if you need me, I will always be in your heart!" She is such a precious little soul. She often says things that show me wisdom beyond her years.

Jordyn is getting D5 which is an iv fluid with sugar in it. Jordyn has a problem with her sugars dropping and that condition actually makes it so she is not supposed to go longer than 8 hours without food. It has been rough making her fast, and hoping she is okay because for the cancer treatments she has to fast. This was the solution the doctors came up with. She gets d5 before her lp's so that she hopefully doesn't drop her sugars too drastically.

She asks for animals frequently. Those, or if we are in the RTU for her lp, she LOVES to play with the IPad they have. She goes to sleep playing games on it and wakes up sad that it is gone.

Here is Jordyn after her LP. She is hurting, but still made the nurses and techs laugh. One of them had a phone that played some music, and Jordyn requested that they kept singing to her, and so they sang for her. Everyone told me how adorable she was and one nurse even went out of her way to tell me.

Jordyn wanted to ride in the wagon up to clinic to get her iv methotrexate chemo. She layed down because her head hurt so bad and her back did too...

It took her a few days to feel okay after the lp... It was so sad seeing her feeling so terribly... She was throwing up from the methotrexate during those days*/, and of course that made her back hurt worse also because she couldn't just lay flat on her back at those particular times...

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