Jordyn's Journey to Triumph Over ALL (Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia)

Monday, January 14, 2013

LP pains

This morning I awoke to Jessica's alarm, but when I went to tell Jessica to turn it off she wasn't there.  After gaining some orientation I went to Jordyn's room.  Jessica look uncomfortable as she slept in her room.  Jordyn had waken up in the middle of the night again crying because of the pain in her back from the LP.  She cried mommy, mommy, mommy.  So I tried to help, but she just wanted her mom.  I was fine with that, because I wanted to go back to bed.  Yesterday we did not give Jordyn any nausea meds, and she only throw up twice in the morning, so I am hoping this is behind us for this dose at least.  The kids love all the cards and toys that have been sent.  I huge Thank You and a Hug for all the support!  Here is Jordyn and Jeremy playing!


  1. She looks great and I hope she continues to feel better!


  2. I have nominated you to the The Very inspiring Blogger award! check it out here